Looking For a Safe and Secure Self Storage Facility?

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June 22, 2020

Self-storage facilities offer plenty of benefits and conveniences to all kinds of individuals on a short term or long term periods depend on their needs and requirements.

Apart from being easily approached, the feature of security is also important. Another significant factor is to choose a storage unit wherein your goods are kept safe and the problems of stuff got stolen, damaged due to an accident would have been avoided. Therefore, whether you are finding the units to store any perishable items or not, it is really essential to avail of a secure storage facility like, Storage Solutions USA that will provide you peace of mind that every stored item will be kept saved and intact when it is time to claim. The safety features offered by the storage unit has played an important role in how safe and secure your belongings remain. Thus, when you are trying to find out a reliable storage facility, the point of security should be the element of your selection criteria. The following are the significant features that will make a huge difference in terms of keeping your things safe and secure.

Safety alarm system: A self-storage unit which has reliable security and surveillance system will surely give you peace of mind when you have stored your important stuff especially a car. The CCTV cameras along with alarm systems ensure that all the activities around the unit will be recorded and monitored. With the help of these features, it is really hard for any illegal or unauthorized action to go unnoticed, and even when there are some threats, the immediate action will be taken place before matters go bad.   

Safety alarm system for the unit: Apart from the main security system around the unit, security alarms for each unit are added to offer extra security. Storage units that are separately alarmed are much better than others because you will be get alerted in the situation of emergency for the right step to be taken place on time. Nowadays, most of the storage units are separately alarmed but it is essential to check just to make sure if there is something you may consider important.    

Strong and secured fences: It may not as much important but a high and strong fence play an important role in control unauthorized entries. Some self-storage facilities pay required attention to the main gates and avoid the surrounding areas and ignore the fact that unauthorized people can get access through other parts like, fence.  A well-secured self-storage facility along with a strong fence which is also difficult to tamper provides more comfort to the users.

Secured entrance gates: It means a lot as it can be a matter of having a secure locking system that cannot be unlocked by unauthorized persons who don’t have access to the right passcode.  A keypad or passcode equipped gate ensures that only authorized persons can get an approach to the unit. It will eliminate the chances of intruders. Trained security guards equipped with licensed weapons at the gate can also create very good alternatives because they can also monitor other parts of the storage units to maintain the security all the time.

Fire prevention tools and system: It is really an important factor. Besides your good being stolen, there is always a chance of getting fire. It is always good to choose a self-storage facility that has all the security measurements. When looking for a unit, you will have to make sure that it has all the prevention equipment such as, fire alarms, sprinkle systems, smoke detectors that will put out the fire, and eliminate the risks. 

Longest-running news magazine in the whole Milwaukee area

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May 9, 2018

Started in 1970, Springfield Times is the longest-running news magazine in the whole Milwaukee area. We believe that what made us click to the public is the wide range of news and information that we offer which traverse the spectrum of politics, business, society, and entertainment. We do not really have any specializations but we aim to master all. Plus, we are made up of seasoned writers and reporters who have many years of experience both on and off the field. As such, you are guaranteed that all the news and information you read here are high-quality and factual, and not just based on hearsay. 

Springfield Times has the reputation of being unrelenting when it comes to covering the most controversial issues in the whole Milwaukee. We get the juicy details straight from the source. We do not let ourselves be distracted by things that do not matter. Instead, we are focused on our story from start to finish. We are in partnership with the most brilliant individuals from the different sectors of society – politics, academe, business, and so forth – to bring you only news and information that are not made-up or twisted to hide the truth. Because of this, we have been branded as “Media Dragons” since 1972. 

Springfield Times does not only deliver the most current news to your devices, we give you useful everyday tips as well. Check out our tips on how to make your lawns the envy of the town, or the best stores to shop in every weekend on the feature news page of this site. Always log in with us to see interesting updates in the community – what restaurants recently opened, the most popular hangout places, and what services are rocking the market. We also feature specific brands every once in a while for you to get more acquainted with them.  

Take for instance for our last month’s issue, we featured A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee for their job well done in the variety of garage doors they provide for almost the whole neighborhood in this part of Wisconsin. We even included there an image of their top 10 best projects including the glass garage door they installed for this company which garnered the commendation of many. More than that, we also give you the best mind-blowing games in town. Get your minds jumpstarted as you go over our crossword puzzles every day.  

With Spring Times, you do not anymore need to search for other magazines for information. We already have it all. For more questions, call us today. 


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May 9, 2018

A familiar line, isn’t it? While it used to mean that it’s already time for that most awaited cartoon tv show you’ve been watching since childhood, nowadays, the combination of those words already mean something colorful and edible. If you haven’t guessed already, SUGAR, SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE is the newest ice cream parlor in Milwaukee.  

We’ve been there during the soft opening, blending with the mixed crowd of young and old. Of course, we also wanted a taste so we ordered 3 scoops of their most sought-after flavors – triple chocolate, almond Rocca, and peanut jelly. It was served in a crystal bowl with all the trimmings which include sprinkles, wafers, crushed Oreos, bits and pieces of truffles and almonds, and chocolate syrup on top. You get to mix and match your toppings.  

Although I chose the above-mentioned additions, there are still other options available. I notice many have been choosing fresh fruits for their toppings, while others prefer to have it in simple scoops without anything, but on top of fluffy waffles. Others prefer the old school banana split, while there are also those who want it in Belgian cones. The different looks notwithstanding, everything looks edible from where we were seated. 

Upon tasting, we were not disappointed. All flavors blend perfectly on the tongue. Add the toppings I’ve chosen to go with my scoops, the ensemble created a harmony that appealed to my taste buds. The three different flavors can still be picked apart, but together, everything was simply delicious. What’s more, the sweetness is not even overwhelming. It is just right that you’d keep coming back for more. 

My overall rating for this is 9 stars. Definitely worth visiting and having a taste of their ice cream. Try a scoop now.