Garage Door Repair Tips to Reduce Cost and Save Money

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September 16, 2022

Professional garage door repair New Haven CT services are absolutely essential because a broken or unlocked garage door is a terrible security risk for your house. Getting malfunctioning garage doors fixed often can be a costly project. Therefore, you should be able to handle small garage door issues on your own, thereby eliminating the need for expensive garage door repair projects. The following mentioned tips and tricks will help you to save quite a bit of cost on garage door repair projects:

  • Keep garage door cleaned:

Keep garage door clean and free from obstacles. The metal tracks on which the garage door runs might become dented or clogged due to accumulated debris and grease over time which should be cleaned properly. Besides tracks, garage door rollers and hinges also need to be cleaned and lubricated with the help of high-quality oil. Garage door tracks and chains of garage door opener should never be oiled because they will attract more dirt.

  • Realign the misplaced safety sensors:

These sensors are placed at the bottom of the tracks which can easily go out of alignment due to continuous use and friction which will result in blinking light. The adjustment of garage door sensors can be done manually. Malfunction can also happen when the photo eyes of the sensors are obstructed due to any reason. Extreme moisture and dirt are the common reasons for the sensors not functioning.

  • Tighten the loose hardware:

Any loose part within the structure of the garage door can cause a great deal of noise and friction when the garage door goes up and down. Make sure that the power supply to the system is disconnected before you make any adjustments so that you may not get hurt. All the loose hardware including screws, nuts, and bolts are tightened properly and damaged parts should be replaced with new ones.

  • Adjust the garage door springs:

Garage door springs may become loose or worn out over time as a result garage door does not open and close properly. Adjusting the limit switch does fix the issues but you need to replace the broken springs. It is suggested to replace the springs to reduce the pressure on the motor. This task should be handled by professional garage door experts as it can be dangerous and harmful to ordinary people.

The above-mentioned garage door problems are common but they are easy to handle. You need to inspect the garage door thoroughly to find out any glitch in the operating mechanism at least every six months in order to ensure that they are in a good working position.

It will also help you to reduce garage door repair costs since you can avoid major issues that need huge costs. So, you should call professional and reliable garage door experts if you are unable to handle the garage door.

Do You Need Professional Garage Door Repair Services?

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September 14, 2022

Nothing is more worsen and more disturbing than getting stuck inside or outside the garage waiting for the garage door to open or close. You may wish at that time, some magical tricks would just make the garage door open. With the passage of time due to continuous usage, automatic garage doors tend to malfunction or even break that need regular maintenance services if you expect them to function correctly. Let me share my experience with you, I used the internet when I need to find out a reliable overhead door company near me for my garage door. I realized that there are plenty of professional garage door companies that offer efficient and fast services.

Garage door repair may be required:

Most of the issues with the garage door are normally small that can be fixed using DIY techniques. When your garage door does not open or creates squeaking sounds don’t jump to the solution that it needs to be replaced quickly with the help of professional garage door contractors. The malfunctioning may be simple and easy enough to be fixed on your own without professional help. I would suggest that try out some simple techniques first to see if they work. The following mention the common reasons why a garage door does not function.

  • Check the remote of the garage door:

Inspect the condition of the remote to see if it is functioning. Often the problems get sorted out when you inspect the remote and replace the batteries. If you can operate the garage door manually but not with the remote, then consider buying a new remote.

  • Check operator and power cables:

It is common and easy to fix problems. When your garage door does not respond, first of all, make sure that the motor of the garage door is plugged in and powered on correctly. If it is fine, try plugging the cable into a different power socket. There is a possibility that the original socket does not have enough power supply.

  • No line of sight:

Automatic garage doors are installed with safety sensors that have photodetectors which need a clear line of sight to function. These devices are used to detect any obstructions on the path of a closing garage door. Sometimes the photo eyes of sensors get murky or dirty. You need to clean the lens using a cotton cloth.

  • Tension issues of torsion springs:

There is the possibility that the garage door springs that lift the garage door are broken. Don’t try to operate the garage door with broken springs. Call a professional garage door specialist to replace the garage door springs. Don’t try to handle the job on your own because this task needs special expertise to ensure that the garage door is safe to operate.

  • Garage door cable issues:

If garage door cables are damaged, they need to be replaced immediately. It is suggested to replace the frayed and broken cables during the routine maintenance program of a garage door. These cables can snap eventually which can be dangerous to handle on your own. It is good to leave it to professionals.

Don’t forget to check these components before you call a professional garage door repair company. If none of the above solutions solve the malfunction then it is time to call professional garage door services to do the job for you. Don’t attempt to do any task on your own as it may lead to serious injuries, damages, and unnecessary expenses.