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Dave: Does anyone here know of the newest arcade shop downtown? Can somebody please point out to me where it is located? I was going back and forth there yesterday but I still wasn’t able to find even the shadow of the place. 

Myra: I didn’t know that we have a new arcade shop here. I’d like to check it out too. 

Lei: I have heard about that from my buddy earlier. I haven’t checked out the place yet but from the recount of my buddy earlier, the place was so cool. 

Dave: Yes, I heard that it was an awesome place. That’s why I’m planning to go there to check it out myself. 

Arianne: Hey, I’ve been to that place yesterday. I think it was a little bit overrated. I’ve seen better and more advanced gaming booths when I went to New York. Anyway, it is located at 5th Ave cor Main. The door is very unassuming that it looks more like an old house than a high-end arcade. The interior though is very classy with its black and white theme. 

Dave: Great. Thanks for the address but would you know if they have a contact number? I want to know what time they stay open on weekends.