A familiar line, isn’t it? While it used to mean that it’s already time for that most awaited cartoon tv show you’ve been watching since childhood, nowadays, the combination of those words already mean something colorful and edible. If you haven’t guessed already, SUGAR, SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE is the newest ice cream parlor in Milwaukee.  

We’ve been there during the soft opening, blending with the mixed crowd of young and old. Of course, we also wanted a taste so we ordered 3 scoops of their most sought-after flavors – triple chocolate, almond Rocca, and peanut jelly. It was served in a crystal bowl with all the trimmings which include sprinkles, wafers, crushed Oreos, bits and pieces of truffles and almonds, and chocolate syrup on top. You get to mix and match your toppings.  

Although I chose the above-mentioned additions, there are still other options available. I notice many have been choosing fresh fruits for their toppings, while others prefer to have it in simple scoops without anything, but on top of fluffy waffles. Others prefer the old school banana split, while there are also those who want it in Belgian cones. The different looks notwithstanding, everything looks edible from where we were seated. 

Upon tasting, we were not disappointed. All flavors blend perfectly on the tongue. Add the toppings I’ve chosen to go with my scoops, the ensemble created a harmony that appealed to my taste buds. The three different flavors can still be picked apart, but together, everything was simply delicious. What’s more, the sweetness is not even overwhelming. It is just right that you’d keep coming back for more. 

My overall rating for this is 9 stars. Definitely worth visiting and having a taste of their ice cream. Try a scoop now.